The Dragon Falls Once More

The First Kill: Shinryu

Style, lasers, and badassdom.

On November 28th, 2017, in the twilight alternate dimension of Shinryu’s domain, the SURGE team charged onto the beast’s back, felled its wings, then delivered the final blow.

After five weeks of tweaking, real-life events, and roster adjustments, SURGE came together to pull out a win for the team that night. Snes, Arch, and Hanza poured over data to best optimize our openers and mechanic strategies, Eisentrout returned to our Static roster, and Sour and Arch switched classes to best fit our desired comp.

But perhaps the most important shift in our strategy revolved around our very own premier Astrologian, Shiveria, who went beyond our confusing requests to gear a healer, practice the fights, and provide a vital piece in our composition. From casual player to Static raider, Shiv has shown us her tremendous drive as she navigated Savage and Extreme content, learning strategies and techniques in mere weeks. We’re all proud of you Shiv!

After our initial kill, we managed to add a second kill under our belts before the night was over.

A special thanks to Lobo Loca and Hinata Hikari who fought and taught us along the way to victory!

Loot Drops: Shinryu’s Cane x2, Faded Copy of The Worm’s Tail

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