SURGE gets Twinkled: Secret Santa!

Get your Twinkleboxes ready for a Surge Holiday Community event: Secret Santa!

So put your name in my Sugarloaf Hat and let the fun begin!


Sugarloaf Captain Sadi is Ready! Bring on the presents!

When? Participation Deadline Dec. 10th; Secret Santa Gift Exchange Dec. 30th. (tentative to membership schedule)
What Time? TBD
Where? The FC House!
What are the rules? No real money is to be spent. Every participant will receive 75k gil from the FC Chest to spend only on their Secret Santa. This is the budget for creating your Secret Santa gift! So get creative and hit up the Lodestone for deets on your Secret Santa recipient. This budget is tentative– feel free to address concerns in Discord.
What if I need something crafted?  Leave that to your Sugarloaf Captain Sadi! Just send me your materials and I’ll get what you need whipped up and ready to send to your Secret Santa giftee. This way, you can get more for your gil!
What if I get a special drop and want to use that for my gift? That’s great! At that point, if the drop exceeds the gil amount for the budget, return the gil or use the gil to combine with the drop to craft that something for your Secret Santa!
What if I can’t be there for the gift exchange? The dates are currently tentative and were made to give members time to decide to participate, then plan and acquire a gift. The Gift Exchange Event is also tentative depending on the Holiday schedules of our participants. We can move the date to be earlier or later. December 23rd – 27th are black-out dates to account for travel and holiday celebrations.

That said, if some members can’t be there for the Exchange, your Sugarloaf Captain will be happy to either present or announce your gift.

Okay SURGE! Let’s get to twinkling. Tell Sadi on Discord or in game if you’d like to participate! 

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