Halicarnassus gets dropped on her… bottom?


It’s all about the guiding lines. Guiding lines to Victory.

On December 11th, 2017, SURGE charged into Deltascape Omega V3 Savage with one goal in mind: to claim the victory that was temporarily halted by Shinryu’s uppity appearance.

The team, after rallying behind the steady voice of Sour Please, came together to secure the victory we sought for so long (the actual time lost to us). Mistakes were made and owned up to, the call outs were on point, and the team stayed focused even in the face of Sadi’s floor-tanking.

Congratulations, SURGE! Now it’s time to show Exdeath that he’s not ACTUALLY in an ex-death state but on his way to another.. or, was it, his actual death? Okay, I don’t know anymore, but he’s NEXT!

Loot: Genji Tsutsu-hakama of Maiming

Special shout out to Sour Please for guiding the fight, Arch Vision and Hanza Shimada for helping to fix the issues we were having, Charis for stepping in as a substitute after a long day at work, and Snes Ambros’ia for theorycrafting and sorting out party buffs. 

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