Patch 4.2 and SURGE: Goodies, New Content, and Changes.

Patch Art

Image from the Live Letter slideshow.


Patch 4.2, titled “Rise of a New Sun,” will bring in heaps of new content, changes to the glamour and Perform systems, and offer up small quality-of-life adjustments in late January. We’ll dig into the bulk of it and see where we, as an FC, will benefit the most!

Main Scenario


Lord Hien and Lady Yugiri return!


As Patch 4.1 saw to the return of the Bull of Ala Mhigo to his homeland and the reclamation of lost treasure to fund new rebuilding efforts in Gyr Abania, 4.2 will focus now on the Far East, taking us back to Doma as a new chaos threatens to overtake the vulnerable nation.

This Main Scenario story will expand our post-70 count dungeon to five with the addition of Hell’s Lid and Fractal Continuum (Hard). We don’t know what the story is behind why we’re going to these new dungeons, but I’d suspect it relates to the rising chaos in the region.


Hell’s Lid Entrance. Hell’s Lid is the name of a subarea in the Ruby Sea, so expect our adventures to take us back there. 



The Fractal Continuum is a dungeon that unlocks once the Main Story Quest “Heavensward” is completed and is located in Azys Lla. It’s Allagan, for sure, so its hard mode iteration will likely offer more Allagan surprises. 

New Challenges

We’ll be getting a new Primal encounter series, The Four Lords, with this patch that starts off with The Jade Stoa Trial where we face off with Byakko, the white tiger. Apparently, YoshiP said “[y]ou should be able to tell that if you looked at the world map,” in regards to the introduction of the Four Lords primals. What could he mean..? Expect us to clear the normal version while the Progression team adds the Extreme encounter to our list.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And, finally, the FC will have the release of Omega Sigmascape to look forward to on normal difficulty, offering new gearing-up opportunities for fresh 70s to help bypass older content. Savage will be released roughly two weeks or so after Normal, so though our Progression team will be ready to go, we have some mechanics to master in Normal first.

The much-awaited Eureka will debut in Patch 4.2 and offer players a brand new way to explore content in FFXIV. We know that Eureka will have some involvement in the new generation of Anima weapons. But YoshiP released more details about Eureka that gives it more substance:

  • Eureka will have a separate leveling system.
  • It is NOT a new Deep Dungeon.
  • You can enhance your weapon and armor to make it stronger.
  • There will be a lot of things for you to do in Eureka.

Eureka’s promotional artwork. Gorgeous!


Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the kinds of things we can do in Eureka when the Live Letter for Patch 4.2 Part 2 drops in January. Expect another article like this to appear on the website with more info!

Job Adjustments

I wanted to put in a small blurb about what YoshiP said in regards to Jobs. Tweaks will be coming, but the one job that YoshiP hinted was going to get some significant adjustments was Black Mage. Warrior was also mentioned, but in the vein that Warrior was very strong. I am guessing that it’s likely Black Mage will get an overhaul similar to what Summoner received in 4.1 and other jobs will see the potency numbers on their skills adjusted in an attempt to balance classes. The bulk of Job Adjustments will be detailed in Part 2 of the Patch 4.2 Live Letter in January.

Glamour Updates

Those who suffer from inventory troubles will rejoice with the new Glamour System updates planned for 4.2

Glamour system.png

WOW this will be easy to use.


Called “Glamour Commodes,” the new glamour system will dabble in Ensembles that you create and equip for your classes. The Commode system will hold up to 200 glamours and converting an item to a glamour will cost one glamour prism. This will delete the item you convert, freeing up some inventory space. Items that can be stored in the Armoire, such as seasonal event armor and veteran reward armor sets, cannot be used with the glamour commode system. Upon release, you can only use this system inside an Inn Room, so be sure to load up your bags with glamour prisms and armor to convert and head to any major city inn to get cracking. They do plan on enabling the system to work outside of inn rooms in a future update.

Finally, you can take those glamour items you converted from their armor states and create up to 10 Ensembles for your character. You can categorize them by Job or situation or venue. It’s going to be 10 for now, as the server load, combined with the glamour commode system in Inn rooms, will be a little heavy. They will expand this number, probably, in the future. (YoshiP said to give the server dev team a break; they will add more upon demand and when the time is right).

Basically, you’ll be able to have your character automatically equip an Ensemble that you designate with a “city” tag with what you’ve created. So, say you’re done gathering for the day and you ride into Limsa Lominsa to store your haul. Once you zone in, your Ensemble that’s tagged with City or the Limsa venue will then be visible. I can see role players rejoicing. Us Warriors of Light cut intimidating figures inside of our strange Allagan-inspired gear, so toning it down with our Eorzean fashion will give us more variety for our character looks to keep us from seeing the same thing over and over again. I’m going to have fun with this! How about you? Are the wheels turning for what you’ll create for your character?

Bolded for attention: This glamour system will NOT replace what we currently have. It’s an additional tool! 


The translations for this are what’s going forward. It looks like you can use Ensembles in specific places for now. 


Your Inventory will also accommodate stack sizes of up to 999, up from 99! This will help our FC Chest drastically. Any other hoarders out there? And, finally, your Chocobo will gain additional use and utility with Chocobo Saddlebags, a cute feature to allow your chocobo to hold items for you.


Now adventuring with your chocobo gets more realistic and adds more utility to our ever-faithful feathered friends.

Miscellany Patch Notes Scattered Below

  • Subaquatic Voyages
    • We see an image of a submarine-looking vehicle, but no other information was provided. Perhaps a new feature for FC Company Workshop crafting and exploration?

We all live in an Allagan submarine… 


  • Perform Updates (I’m looking at you, Hanza!)
    • A brand new UI that looks pretty fancy!
    • Allows you to set up your keybindings by the note you want to play!
    • Up to FOUR instruments now! They are adding three more!
    • They are going to redo where they try to sync the animation with the button you play, making it go simultaneously instead of applying a delay. This will help people play together more easily.

Take a look at the new UI planned for Perform. This will make things far easier, I think.


  • Main Scenario dungeons will be adjusted to help new players have a better experience.
  • EXP rate for leveling crafting classes will be adjusted to make it easier and less repetitive.
  • Updates to the Lost Canals of Uznair; probably the addition of new items.
  • New Squadron Dungeons will be added.

Lalas. All of them. Apparently the dev team is full of lala enthusiasts.


  • Duty Recorder added!
    • You can use GPose with the Duty Recorder.
    • You can look at things from the boss PoV and from each player’s perspective.
    • Up to three Duty Records can be saved.
      • Parties must meet minimum size requirements.
      • Duty Records must be enabled.
      • A record ready check must be initiated. All party members must consent.
      • This will not be available for Duty Finder parties.
      • Player names will be replaced with Job names.
    • This feature is done in the same fashion as the Street Fighter replay feature. If the duty length is 60 minutes, then the recording will be 60 minutes; something something technical, packet exchange, etc.
    • You can view these records only in an Inn room. You can preserve records you do not wish to overwrite.



Functions inside of Duty Recorder playback.


Finally, Heavensturn, the FFXIV New Year’s event, will begin on January 1st, 2018, and run until the 15th. It’s the Year of the Dog! Shiba-inu hats all around.


Snow, the beach, and lookin’ fly for the holiday season. Our best wishes to our members for their celebrations! 


Thanks for reading our SURGE Patch Look! Please look forward to Part 2 in January before 4.2’s release!

Information that was not covered: PvP-related changes, new merchandise, Japan-only events, and FanFest announcements. 


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