Tilling the Soil: SURGE Gardening

The Garden Takes Root


Our Garden makes for a cozy sitting area. 

During the earlier days of SURGE’s conception, the gardens were mainly used to grow and acquire shards for crafting. I decided to undertake the gardening projects along with Chocobo caretaking with a little help from Sadi for planning. For a while, shards were a priority and were kept at 3,000 of each when possible in the FC chest. This project took a while because at the time we had a couple of FC members who were taking up crafting in order to help our company grow. At the time, we only had the FC’s two garden plots at our disposal.

After a month or so, I decided to plan and put into action the FC’s first major project: growing Thaivnairian Onions. I figured that growing these would help the more chocobo… enthusiastic members (ahem, Hanza) level their chocobos, making them a lot more useful in leveling or in hunts. The onions could also potentially be used in order to grow the FC bank a little more as they go for an average of about 200,000 gil on our server. This was accomplished over the course of a month by gathering Krakka Root Seeds, which were crossbred with Chamomile Seeds in order to obtain Curiel Root Seeds. Then, we used Almond Seeds and crossbred them with Mandrake Seeds in order to obtain Nymeia Lily Seeds. With much love and care (and A LOT of luck), the Curiel Root Seeds and Nymeia Lily Seeds would be crossbred in order to obtain the craved Thaivnairian Onion Seeds.

I used this helpful guide used to plan out this project: Eldelphia’s Guide to Thavnairian Onions. This project took a couple of months because of a careless mistake that everyone would do well to learn from. I successfully cultivated 5 Thaivnarian Onion Seeds the first time I crossbred. I planted the seeds and just as the seeds were about 2 days from maturing… I forgot to log in for a day and there went the poor plants. All of my hard work, gone. With this, I learned two things: first, make sure to tend to the plants AT LEAST once a day, don’t just assume the plants will be ok for one day (the game is unforgiving), and secondly, I learned to ask for help. After all, this was a project that would benefit all of the FC and perhaps there would be others interested in our projects.

Lessons Learned, The Growing Begins Anew


Hanza Shimada shows off her luxurious chair enchanted with the gift of flight. 

This brings us up to speed on our latest project: mass producing more shards. Our FC numbers have grown exponentially and more enthusiastic crafters are deciding to join the ranks. We have gone from having 3000 shards of each available in our FC chest to having over 5000 shards available for our members to use.

The Next Harvest: Future SURGE Garden Projects

There are two projects we will be looking into once we are satisfied with the amount of shards we have in the bank. We have 8 plots at our disposal at this point in time. We have been trying to divide them up by what we grow, such as shards and chocobo feed; but now, we’re going to undertake another crossbreeding venture for materials that make fun items.

The first project we are considering would be growing Glazenuts. Glazenuts are used in a myriad of recipes and not to mention FCs need them for making their crafting stations. This is a forum/guide we will be using in order to help us a long with this project: Growing Glazenuts.

The last project we would like to undertake is growing Blood Peppers. Blood Peppers are used to craft a number of things, a majority of them being wind-up minions. This is the guide we will be using to help us undertake this project: Blood Pepper Guide.

SURGE would like to thank Charis, Kiki, Ino, Hanza, Sadi, and Shiveria for helping the FC with our projects, from providing plots to helping to tend the gardens. We would love to hear suggestions from others on what projects we should take on next and encourage our members with an interest in learning about gardening to contact Sadi or Charis. Extra help is always appreciated! Happy planting!


What can we grow next?

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