A Wild YoshiP Appears! And answers player questions.


YoshiP as seen in an event cutscene before Stormblood, teasing everyone with the samurai artifact armor. I saw this as the final farewell to the Heavensward era.

It’s no surprise that YoshiP shows up on a server near you to talk and raid with players. It’s also no surprise that when he does, huge crowds form around him and players bombard him with questions about upcoming content and changes to the current status quo.

Recently, YoshiP showed up on a number of servers and started to answer questions that players asked. Mr. Happy, a YouTube content creator known in the FFXIV community, broke down the transcript of questions that YoshiP answered and speculates what they could mean in two different videos based on two reddit transcripts posted (Part 1) here and (Part 2) here.

It should be noted, though, that the questions were varied and bounced around to different topics, so not everything will address the next patch, but could also address the next expansion, QoL changes, and future events.

Watch Part 1 here:

And check out Part 2 here:


What do you think about the answers YoshiP provided? Chat us up in Discord!

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