More Patch Reveals and Tidbits: 4.2 Live Letter Part 2 Looms Closer!


Today, our NA Community Lodestone site uploaded three articles with tidbits about the new Glamour system, the Beast Tribe Quests of the Ananta, and changes to The Feast with the upcoming patch.

Reminder! Patch 4.2 Live Letter Part 2 is coming January 19th. Stay tuned to the Discord and the website for more news about what’s changing!

Glamour System: The Commode in the inn rooms looks pretty cool, I think. We get a small character screen that features the 10 Glamour slots we were told about during the first Live Letter, plus an “Apply” button. I wonder, though, if this will also feature the ability to tag each outfit with a location that will allow each outfit to appear in a certain area. I thought this would be a feature, but I haven’t seen anything in the article to suggest that it’s there. We will have to see!

The Ananta Beast Tribe Quests: The text here suggests that the non-combative Ananta who needs your help wants to make a contribution of sorts to the Resistance. But if her talents are not in battle, which would suggest a typical Beast Tribe quest line of fighting and/or retrieval, perhaps her talents lie in crafting? Could the Ananta be our crafting dailies hub?

While the new map on the Feast looks great, not a lot of folks PVP. Please feel free to use the links above to check it out though!


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