SURGE Monthly Community Event: Screenshot and Triple Triad Contests!


Cards against Eorzeans..? Insert witty title here that combines screenshots and TT together in a comical, chuckle-worthy way. Try it– I dare you. It’s tough!

It’s that time!

Every month, we try to do an all-encompassing community event that allows everyone in the FC to participate. After some brainstorming, we decided to put together a Screenshot contest and a Triple Triad contest! You can choose one or both contests to enjoy, so check out the details below for each event and get your camera and cards ready!

The Screenshot Contest

Remember that handy GPose guide I started here? 😉 Good, ’cause if you haven’t messed around with it before, it’ll help you figure it out now!

The Screenshot Contest will feature screenart chosen from four different categories: BattleFunnyScenic, and Freestyle. You may choose one or all of the categories when submitting screenshots, but please limit your entries to one screenshot per category for a maximum of four screenshots total.

When you’ve decided on your final screenshot(s) to submit, send them to Sadi on Discord.

Here’s how the scoring will work:

Each submission you send to me will be anonymous to the judges. The judges will grade each submission according to its Category, its Creativity, and its Composition. Category simply means if you followed the category guidelines. Creativity is how unique of a pose or a shot you managed. And composition deals with how well you shot it.

From these three scores, Category, Creativity, and Composition, the judges will average their values together (in an effort to mitigate bias and/or opinion), and produce a final score for the screenshot, which will be weighed against the others within that category. The screenshot with the final score will be the winner of that category. You can win in multiple categories, so try creating something for every subject!

Here are the category descriptions:

Battle: This one should be fairly straight-forward. This is your character engaging in battle, either in a dungeon, with another player, celebrating your victory, or charging your ultimate move. Your character’s glamour suggests you’re ready for a fight. The tone is serious if you’re engaged, or dire if you’re losing, or victorious if you’ve won.

Funny: Maybe you’ve taken a liking to photobombing your fellow Eorzeans with this category! Either doing funny pranks with another member in the FC House or chastising your Lalafell, the Funny category is meant to be as the name suggests. Come up with wacky, crazy shots and submit your best!

Scenic: This category is for those who created a great outfit and want to show it against the scenic Shirogane beaches. While not doing anything specific, this category will see how well you can use the landscape to your advantage. Your glamour can be casual or battle-ready like the warrior who stops to admire the beauty amid the bloodshed. This one’s all about location, location, so get out there in the wilds and find your own pocket of the world to explore!

Freestyle: If there’s something you’ve created that doesn’t quite fit the other three, use this category to your advantage. For the sake of preserving the other categories, though, avoid using this category to submit a second Battle screenshot, for instance. This category should be populated by unique, creative works that otherwise wouldn’t have a home. It can be a screenshot of a unique Personal Room layout, for instance, or a “photograph” of something in the game that draws attention to something we wouldn’t notice in quick passing.

As a general rule: do NOT use any photo-enhancing software outside of what the GPose menu offers. That means no tweaking beyond the raw screenshot. 

Deadline: Your submission deadline is January 26th, 7:00 PM EST. You can submit your screenshots one at a time or all at once on or before the deadline.

Announcing the Contest Winners: After the judges have submitted their scores and have picked their winners from those scores, we’ll get together in Discord to share the screenshot winners and celebrate the entries on Tuesday, January 30th, 10:30 PM EST. This will take the place of an in-game FC Night that day.

The Triple Triad Contest


A sample double elimination bracket.

Using a double elimination bracket to give players a chance to come back and win, the Triple Triad Contest will be held on January 25th, 10:30 PM EST and take the place of Thursday’s FC Night. It will be held at Sadi’s House in Ward 4, Plot 37 of Shirogane.

Each round will use one or two sets of rules. In the first round, we’ll keep it simple and use no rules at all, just standard Triple Triad. In the subsequent rounds, however, things will get more interesting as we add in rules like Chaos, Reverse, and Fallen Ace.

At the end of each round, the player who lost will report to Sadi for the purpose of updating the bracket. You will have a few minutes between rounds to adjust your decks for the rules of the next round.

So, say it with me… Heart of the Cards, Heart of the Cards, Heart of the Cards… 


Everyone’s thinkin’ it, I’m just sayin’ it.

The Prizes

For Level 70 Players: Materia for your gear, one crafted piece of glamour gear decided between you and the crafter, and a gil purse scaled to your placement in the contests.

For those still leveling: A leveling kit with gil and five level-appropriate pieces of crafted gear to boost your prowess.

We hope you’ll participate in one or both of these events! Join us for the laughs, the good times, and to get to know your FC Mates better!

Contact anyone on the leadership team for more details: Arch Vision, Charis, Eisentrout, Hanza, Sadi, Snes, and Velku.


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