Patch 4.2 Live Letter Part 2: Redux



Contemplation by the fireplace… Deep in thought, mulling over the incoming adjustments.


The Live Letter with the Producer for Patch 4.2 Part 2 aired on Friday solely in the Japanese language, but that didn’t stop the FFXIV subreddit from working hard to translate the changes coming with the patch.

As a follow-up to my previous article on Part 1, we’ll explore more of the changes and adjustments arriving with Patch 4.2 on Tuesday, January 30th, and make corrections to earlier statements. Let’s get to it! All aboard the HYPE TRAIN!

Job Adjustments

There are a number of Job tweaks heading out with the Patch. Some will have people up in arms while others will be celebrated; such is the life of balancing and tweaking. Curiously, these classes will not be receiving any sort of adjustments: SAM, RDM, DRG, and NIN. Their skill potencies will remain untouched. However, the role skill Diversion will get a change from 50% hate suppression to 90% hate suppression with an increase in duration from 15 seconds to 30 seconds. That’s got a nice buffer!

Side note: Elemental resistances will be removed. This means that gear with elemental resistance modifiers and some materia will no longer be obtainable.



  • Warrior
    • Inner Beast management will be simplified.
    • Storm’s Eye potency will be nerfed; all other WAR skills will be buffed to compensate.
    • “System” changes on Inner Beast and Berserk.
    • DPS buffed slightly.

From what was explained in the last live letter, the adjustments to warriors should come as no surprise, as WAR and BLM were said to be receiving the most adjustments.

  • Dark Knight
    • Buffed on the ease of use (translator’s words)/usability will be improved.
    • DPS buffed slightly.

It’s a little ambiguous as to what, exactly, improved usability or ease of use mean in this context. This will be one of those changes that will be best documented in the Patch Notes. Experienced DRKs will have to weigh in and see if the goal was met with their changes.

  • Paladin
    • DPS nerfed slightly.

Can anyone else hear Velku’s soft, low sniffle?



ヒーラーは使い勝手の向上. Which means that healer ease of use will be improved.. Just like with the DRK, I’m not quite sure about what this means.

  • Scholars
    • Excogitation will now heal at the end of its duration, regardless of whether or not the target’s HP threshold was met.

Finally, no more wasted Aetherflow on an ability that doesn’t fire off because we were too good at our job.

And that’s it for healers. Literally. Healers must be in a good place.

Now on to the salt storm that is the DPS.



  • Machinist
    • 1% Nerf to Hypercharge. Hypercharge’s Vulnerability Up effect will be reduced to 5% from 6%.

I got nothin’ for this one. I don’t play a MCH. Just seems weird for a 1% nerf.

  • Monk
    • Riddle of Wind can grant Greased Lightning stacks.
    • Brotherhood’s damage increase now affects the MNK that casted it.
    • Mantra and Perfect Balance have reduced cooldowns.

Looks like the MNK is getting a bit of love! Now they buff themselves as they buff their comrades.

  • Black Mage
    • Fire VI potency increased
    • Thundercloud and Firestarter have their durations increased by around 6 seconds.
    • Aetherial Manipulation will have its cooldown reduced to 10 seconds.
    • Transpose recast time reduced to 8 seconds.

Black Mage.. the black-headed stepchild of the caster DPS, the “pure” DPS caster class, is seeing some pretty significant loving here. Increasing the duration of Thundercloud and Firestarter means you can hold those two procs longer to reapply them at their most ideal situations, with the Firestarter duration having the most advantageous effect on extending the Astral Fire stance during Enochian. They will have a little bit more breathing room when it comes to managing Sharpcast and Astral Fire, as well as Enochian juggling with the reduced Transpose cooldown. And finally, the flat DPS buff they will see from a more powerful Fire IV, their most used spell in their rotation, will benefit their numbers greatly.

  • Summoner
    • AOE DPS will be nerfed.
    • Single-target DPS will be nerfed “slightly.”


Content Additions

We’ll be talking about the new dungeons coming in the patch here along with screenshots of them during the stream. We know only a little bit more about what’s to come, but sometimes, images speak for themselves.


The Jade Stoa

Byakko, the first of the Four Lords, has an interesting form:


Charlie Sheen just had an epiphany somewhere, I think.

Available in Normal and Extreme difficulties upon release, Byakko will reward weapons and is much more difficult than Susano and Lakshmi. Citing the growth in player skill, YoshiP thought the challenge and difficulty of this new primal was warranted.

But where does Shinryu stack in all of this? YoshiP thinks the comparison is more difficult because Shinryu has mechanics that polarized the player base in terms of difficulty. What one group of players find difficult in Shinryu, another group finds easy.


Eureka Updates

We know a little bit more about Eureka after this live letter. It’s going to arrive with Patch 4.25, a bit later than my original assumption it was coming with 4.2.

We also know that the elemental resistance system, which is being removed from normal gameplay, will see itself back in Eureka, as players will get to invest in what element you want to be (perhaps allowing you to customize your resistances on your gear?).

Eureka is supposed to be playable with 4 – 8 players. You can go one-on-one with monsters, but there might be a level down system upon death (YoshiP may scrap this). There will also be a Death Penalty.


Omega Sigmascape

To make the new crafted raiding gear more beneficial to all players, both Normal and Savage modes will be available upon release.

This Live Letter, hinted at with the Twitch clip above, released the first boss in the new raid: Phantom Train!


Chuga chuga chuga chuga. It’s the Pain Train!


Choo choo!

The railings in the arena will be present for Normal, but not for Savage… No real surprise there. And if you’re thinking there’s a FFVI vibe to it.. Well, that’s because there is.

Here’s a teaser for the second boss!



Intriguing… There’s a duty action that is called “Chocobo Brush: Black.” And we can clearly see large paintings in the background. I wonder what all this will entail and how it translates to Savage!

And, finally, I think we’ve all seen this little teaser, which folks are speculating will either be or involve the fourth and final boss in Sigmascape:



The trailer has this image at the very end along with this clown’s laugh.

Housing Changes



The backlash against the Great Housing Rush of Patch 4.1 was phenomenal and universal as players across all ranks rallied their pitchforks to question the legitimate server issues and the overpopulation on some servers acting as barriers to accessing housing content. As the changes above suggest, YoshiP has heard these grievances, and dramatic, sweeping changes are coming with the release of more housing in the next patch.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s to come:

  • One week after Patch 4.2, new housing wards 13 – 18 will be added to all current housing areas.
  • Following the 24-hour maintenance, there will be a one hour delay before the housing wards go live.
  • Upon release, only FCs with four or more people will be able to buy houses.
  • Individuals wishing to purchase houses will have to wait until the team decides to lift this restriction.
  • Housing will be limited to one FC house and one personal house per world, per service account. 
  • To combat plot flippers, when you relinquish your house, it will only be available for the Relocation feature. It will be available for a normal purchase after a random time, which will be unknown to all players.
  • It’s official: a hard no to plot reselling.
  • There will be a special website made for Housing with information on how it works.

These changes benefit FCs, for sure, and put a hard stop to plot flippers looking to capitalize on a limited supply and high demand. This is good news for Free Companies looking to relocate to better digs or for new Free Companies to pick up a home to call their own, but individuals looking to grab themselves a slice of the housing pie will need to wait until the free companies get their picks. It’s also good to note that people hoarding properties on alternate characters and empty Free Companies will now have to shore up their assets and prioritize, freeing up real estate space for more active agencies.



Yes, this is a subject I will cover because I am me and I am excited to decorate our FC house with new furnishings!

First up, we have the Furniture Contest winning designs. The first image is the submitted concept while the second image is the furnishing’s in-game implementation.


We’re getting hedgrows, a Bomb-themed oven, a Chocobo lighted desk lantern, and a Carbuncle-claw free-standing tub! How amazing are those?!




Following the circles from left to right: Moogle Wall Clock, a cut-out partition PERFECT for breakfast bars, a new wall item with kitchen utensils hanging from pegs, some sort of floating, glowing ball (might be part of another item on the table), a wheeled buffet table with items on it (one of them reminds me of a breadstick basket), and.. dare I dream.. the brick-like objects on the otherwise totally white wall look like they could be a modular back splash!




More Doman-themed items! A new floor lantern, floor bed, perhaps a cosmetics/perfume bottle assortment tabletop item, and a ninja mask wall hanging!

What’s pictured in these little teasers YoshiP gives us are usually not all of the items added in a Patch, so look forward to a few more new additions to the furnishing category on the market board!


The real endgame in FFXIV is finally getting savage content and more “utility” with The Fashion Report mini-game at the Gold Saucer and the Glamour Dresser inside our Inn Rooms.


The Fashion Report

Though our own Hanza is a harsh, judgmental mistress when it comes to the caliber of our glams, the Gold Saucer will get its own judge for those gluttons for punishment.



Approach the Fashion Report NPC, a Roe with a sensational sense of style, and you’ll be given a new window:




The challenge is to match your gear set with the theme. It’s important to note that there is no definitive right or wrong answer with the Fashion Report, so there is a lot of built-in flexibility with how you design your outfit.

You’ll have up to four tries to get the best possible score. Once your outfit is complete, check in with the Fashion Report NPC to get graded. (Any gear not bound to you will be once you opt to get graded from the NPC.)




The judge’s word is final; your fashion career will either take off in a neon-lit flourish or crash into the Gold Saucer’s tiled floor. Participation yields you 10,000 MGP once per week with the capability of receiving a bonus for scores that go above 80. (Here, YoshiP receives a score of 47, visible on the right. His theme was something for summer).


The Glamour Dresser

We already know much about the new Glamour Dresser. To summarize, here are the key points:

  • It will only be accessible in Inn Rooms inside main cities for now.
  • You convert equipment into glamours using glamour prisms, which destroys the equipment.
  • It can store up to 200 glamours and you can use items from the Armoire to create Glamour Plates.
  • Up to 10 Glamour Plates can be saved.
  • On the character screen, you’ll have a Glamour Plate option to change which Plate you’re using.
  • You can set your Glamour Plate to attach to a Job and save it to your gear set.
  • You can change your Glamour Plate at any time through your Character window, except when you’re in battle.
  • You can dye equipment in your Glamour Plates, consuming one dye as per normal.
  • Dyeing the same piece of equipment in one Glamour Plate will not dye it if you use it in other Glamour Plates.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Performance Actions

Bards must have more inventory space than I thought they did since one of their new instruments they whip out is a Grand Piano. That must take a lot of belts, eh, Hanza?

Bards will be able to play four instruments: their trusty Harp, the Grand Piano, the Pizzicato, and the Steel Guitar. I can see it now– our premier FC band, Plays like Toast. Who is ready to make some sweet music together?

On top of the three new instruments, Performers will get a fancy new UI.



The keys in this UI can be individually bound to either your controller buttons or your keyboard, separate from your other keybindings. Far better than the other system, I feel, that had my hands doing some weird finger stretches to hit the right notes.

To go with the enhanced Perform UI, you will be able to adjust Performance volume in the Sound Settings.

Tid-Bits and Odds and Ends

This is the miscellaneous section where I’ll just throw out everything else that was addressed that will have some meaning to us- we’ll do some rapid-fire bullet points to get the information across!

  • Chocobo Bag: 70 slots, can have it open along with your Retainer inventory and your character inventory. You do not need to have your chocobo summoned to access its bags.
  • They are adding the capability to have a 9th retainer added to your subscription.
  • Submarines are confirmed and will be a company crafting project just like Airships. (Stock up on Stormblood materials, I think.) Submarine Voyages, like Airship Voyages, can get you items that will either be mounts or minions or you can exchange for mounts and/or minions.
  • Current Ala Mhigan crafting and gathering gear will be fine to craft and gather the next tier of raiding and Disciple of Hand/Land equipment. You will need overmelds to achieve the best chances of crafting HQ from normal quality items.
  • YoshiP will do a reading of the patch notes, which will be available next week, on January 29th, 21:00 JST, during maintenance hours. Japanese-only audio, unfortunately.
  • The Valentine’s Event will be in early February and starts in Gridania.
  • The Western Memories Artbook will go on sale February 26th and is priced at $39.99. It includes a Wind-up Yotsuyu minion.
  • Here is the patch trailer:


Every major patch heaps a good chunk of new content on us. As an FC, we find it’s best to get everyone’s opinion on how best to get people involved in the content they want to do. To facilitate this, we’re hosting a meeting for the entire FC on Tuesday, January 23rd, at 10:00 PM EST, before our FC Night event.

Between Part 1 and Part 2, we’ve covered a lot of what’s to come in Patch 4.2, so there’s plenty to excite us and ready us for more fun. Think about what you want to do and share it with others; let’s all help each other achieve new goals and find new adventures!

Thanks for tuning in, SURGE. We’ve got 10 days left until the patch hits, so the heat is on the progression team to hone in on Neo Exdeath and for the FC to fill up their retainers and inventory of all the glamour equipment. #trueendgame!




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