SURGE FC Meeting Notes 1/23

Hey Surgians! Sadi here with a recap of what we talked about for our FC-wide meeting that took place on Tuesday, January 23rd.


Every seat was theoretically filled. Archie’s the ass in the back, crafting.

Preparing for the Patch

As we march toward 4.2’s release date of January 30th, we talked about ideas for exploring the content with our folks the day of and the days that follow.

We’re going to take the first week of the patch’s release to explore Sigmascape Normal with our members and take what we learn into Savage. We’ll also use this week to prep for Savage, such as crafting new gear, making more/new raid food, and browsing resources to find strategies for Savage encounters.

We’re going to be doing new dungeon runs with anyone who needs to do them, so be sure to holler in Discord and in FC chat to get yours completed.

We also want to start collecting materials for the new submarines they will be releasing for company workshop crafting. If these will be anything like the airships, they will be material-intensive and we’ll need plenty of help.


Now he decides to get crafting?

A Second Raid Team

Because our ranks are growing with new and fresh 70s, we want to accommodate people looking to Savage content as their goal in the game. To better facilitate this, SURGE is putting together a second team that will run autonomously within itself and have two leaders– one from the officer corps and one from the group itself — to keep up with roster changes, raid strategies, and schedule adjustments.

Those interested in being part of a SURGE progression team may approach Arch Vision, Hanza Shimada, and Snes Ambros’ia in game or on Discord. Additionally, please use this link to fill out your availability. Pick a tab with either your name on it or Rename an unused tab in the document and fill out when you’re available.

It’s important to note that the second team will be held to the same standards as the current team. Both Progression team members will be expected to hold good attendance, communicate their concerns with their team, take responsibility for learning fights, research how best to optimize their rotations, and keep their gear in top shape.

More information about our Progression team rules can be found on the website under the Information tab or here.


Serious faces. Then there’s Barry.

A New Place to Call Home

While 4.2 is releasing a wealth of new housing wards come one week post patch, we wanted to see if the FC wanted a change of scenery to larger accommodations. So far the vote is still going, but with a strong leaning toward the House Swap idea.

This idea would, in essence, swap houses between Sadi and the Free Company. The FC would move to Sadi’s Shirogane mansion and Sadi would buy the current FC plot in the Beds. The benefits of upgrading to a mansion this way ensures that 1) we would definitely get the house (instead of fighting a Sprint and Click war when the new wards dropped), 2) keep everything we’ve worked on in the workshop, and 3) keep the currently owned plot within the SURGE family.

The benefits of upgrading to a mansion definitely resonate with the FC. We would be able to have all eight crafting stations, all NPCs available to place in the FC house, three garden plots for the yard, and large spaces to host our community events.

The cost of Relocation will be just under 40 million gil. While we aren’t expecting members to front that kind of capital now, any donations made to the FC Chest following the relocation will be greatly appreciated.

The vote will close on January 24th, so get your vote in on deciding our house’s future!


Lucy’s alternate persona in our FC, Eve.

The Website

Well, you’re reading it now! We just want to emphasize the website as a resource for our community to get information about what we’re doing. We want to make sure the website is a place you would go to get information and that it has good usability, so we’d appreciate any feedback about it, even if it’s say it’s awesome.

We tailor the website articles to be SURGE-specific; we don’t copy/pasta things from other sites just to flood the feed with stuff. We make sure that we filter the wealth of information out there to ensure what we deliver to you is the most relevant to our community’s interests and goals.

We encourage anyone to give us article ideas, information you want to know, guides you’d like to see, and whether or not you want to participate in writing for the website! We also are welcome to anyone posting articles on the website to their social media feeds, as this can sometimes gain the attention of other people looking to join a community like ours.


Al’ressun, a newer member with aspirations to join our Progression efforts. We’re ready to see what you got! 

Round Table Discussion

After we got everything we wanted to discuss out of the way, we opened the floor to anyone with questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Here are a few points brought up:

  • More treasure maps!
  • Freeing up more availability on the weekends for ad-hoc activities.
  • Adjusting the schedule to allow for other game nights, specifically Civ6.

We heard the feedback and want to do what we can to adjust our schedule to allow for more spontaneous events between members and to allow for us to play other games with one another.

SURGE crafted its current schedule (Prog team on Mondays and Wednesdays and FC Nights on Tuesdays and Thursdays) with the Prog team in mind, that Prog team members would commit to attending at least one FC Night in addition to the Prog team schedule in order to ensure FC Nights had the attendance necessary to get our activity done. But we also didn’t want to burn out anyone on one game alone; we wanted to do what we could to discourage FFXIV boredom, which happens when content runs dry.

That said, we want to make it clear that anyone is more than welcome to use Discord and FC chat to schedule an impromptu event on a day that we normally wouldn’t have anything scheduled. The Leadership Core would be happy to assist with getting the word out and adding it to our calendar.

The Twitch Team for SURGE is now active! Bookmark us to see our streamer team do what they do and feel free to toss them follows!


Whoever took this screenshot, thank you. A nice, regal image of Sadira. 

Thank you to everyone who came to the meeting and joined in on the discussion. We want to ensure that our community has a voice in the planning and execution of our activities and the direction of our goals. We hope you look forward to participating in all the fun we have planned for the future!

Reminders– Screenshot Contest deadline is 1/26; Triple Triad tournament will be held on FC Night on Tuesday, January 30th (yes, that’s patch day; once the tournament is over, we’ll move on to doing more patch exploration). February’s community event is still in the works and suggestions are welcome! 

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