Patch Day Fun Day: What we’re doing for 4.2!


This glamour of mine is pretty amazing. But with glamour plates, Sadi’s going to rock new threads.

Patch Day, January 30th, 2018

The servers go live at 5:00 AM EST, so be sure to get yourselves a good night’s rest first and foremost.

When the servers go up and people trickle on, we’ll need to unlock the new content first. Head over to Rhalgr’s Reach and find Lyse to progress the main story. Working through the main story will unlock the new four man dungeons, which will become the new Expert roulette dungeons. The current level 70 dungeons will turn into a Level 70 Dungeon Roulette that you can run for a nice 100 chunk of creation and 10 tomestones of Mendacity.

Here’s a breakdown of where the unlocking quests start:

  • Main Story Quest: Lyse, Rhalgr’s Reach.
  • The Jade Stoa: Soroban, The Ruby Sea (X:5.7 Y:15.8).
  • Sigmascape: Jessie, Rhalgr’s Reach.
  • The Fractal Contiuum (Hard): Philiot, Rhalgr’s Reach.
  • The Fashion Report Glamour Mini-Game: Lewena, The Gold Saucer.
  • The Ananta Beast Tribe Quests: M’rahz Nunh, The Fringes (X:30.2 Y:25.7).
    • Unlocking this may be tricky since it requires the completion of a side quest chain that ends with this quest.

The Game Plan for Progression

We’ve set aside the first week of the patch to gear up and acquire the drops we need from Normal and from the new set of crafted gear. Take this time to research your ideal set weights, especially with the changes to how critical hit works, and find your best in slot (often shortened to BiS) gear between what you can grab from Sigmascape Normal and crafted gear.

That said, for those interested in running with Progression, we want to help everyone get their respective drops for the week by running Sigmascape Normal. This excellent table shows an efficient way to obtain your drops in the least amount of time, but feel free to tailor your priorities to what you need upgraded the most according to your stat needs.

The Game Plan For the Community

The whole FC should plan to make themselves available for helping everyone clear the new dungeons and venture into Sigmascape Normal as people need.

We’ll continue to hold to our pattern of hosting community events for all FC members on Tuesday and Thursday, doing content the community wants to explore. For more complicated encounters, a little planning will go a long way to help us successfully get the people we need to complete the event.

The Schedule For the Next Week

On Tuesday, Patch Day, we’ll be running the new dungeons during the day as people trickle on and complete their unlocks. For the evening, in place of our regular Progression time slot, 10:30 PM EST-12:30 AM EST, we’ll run Sigmascape Normal to get folks a head-start on their weekly item drop. Then, on Wednesday, January 31th, at 10:30 PM EST, we will charge into The Jade Stoa normal mode and rotate people out to ensure people get their clears, time willing. Thursday will be another Sigmascape Normal farm night, while Monday sees us jumping into our first challenging encounter with The Jade Stoa Extreme. The new primal drops weapons, a valuable upgrade for many classes, so we want to see our team get the most beneficial upgrades.


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