The Aftermath: Settling the Dust of the Patch Drop


This is my life now.

I wanted to take a few moments to say how proud of SURGE I am for coming together and helping one another see the new content and get the clears everyone needs. You’ve all done such a fantastic job and you’ve come together to really set our course for the trials to come.

Now, for a bit of sweeping up after the dust that settled with the whirlwind frenzy of the patch!

New Appointments

A couple days ago, we welcomed Dubldrop and Sour Please/Ely Sour/Sourly to our leadership circle. Ely Sour was named to our Community Officer position and Dubldrop was named General Officer and Raid Team Leader. Let’s all do our best to ensure these two have all the help and cooperation they need in order to succeed by the whole FC.

That said, Ely Sour could use some volunteers to help manage our Facebook page, think of ideas for FC Nights, and write more content for the website. Please let him know if you would like to help on these fronts!

Dubldrop is working hard to secure a schedule that will work for everyone who wants to raid. He is currently looking for a second healer with availability primarily on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday, with the possibility of Friday being a raid day. Contact Ashelia Dubldrop in game for more information!

Byakko EX DOWN!


Danny down, Danny down!!!! And me. Apparently. 

While this screenshot isn’t as triumphant as our others (we forgot to take a screenshot! What?! WHO dropped the ball?), Byakko Extreme was impressed with our battle prowess and, in the end, fell to our combined might. The mechanics are pretty much as perilous as we thought they would be– one mistake can cause a chain reaction that topples the whole house of cards. Though we’ve had some difficulty farming it consistently, we’ve been able to refine our techniques to ensure that we can see it through in subsequent attempts.

Crafting. All the Crafting. So much crafting.

It should come as no surprise that yours truly is working hard crafting up a frenzy. I’ve gotten plenty of requests and I am working to fill them, whether by gathering aethersands or crafting up materials as I go.

But we’ve got a long way to go since the materials are gated behind Tomestones of Creation and yellow crafter’s scrips. This is where you come in.

Gatherers in the FC can contribute to the gearing-up effort of our raid team or to the submersible effort of the FC. We’re currently working on the next set of submersible parts with one submersible, the HMS SeaDogimus, exploring the depths of the Ruby Sea as we speak.

We’ll keep a running list of items required for the raid team gear requests, the submersible parts, and an on-going list of things needed to craft raid food. If you feel inclined to help out, these three areas are where we need the most assistance. With the addition of another running raid team, we’re especially going to need the materials present in the raid food list.

We previously used a Google Spreadsheet to catalog our needs, but now we’re using an amazing web tool called Teamcraft. It allows people to make lists of recipes that keep track of how much of a material we need, where that material can be found, and allows people to add quantities that they gather to keep the list updated in real time. I would encourage frequent contributors to our efforts to make an account on this website in order to use the comment feature, allowing you to designate which items you want to gather. If not, I would go ahead and preemptively adjust item totals for materials you’re going to gather.

Here are the current lists:

  1. Submersible Part Farming
  2. Raid Gear Requests
  3. Raid Food Materials

Those who wish to be part of The Queen’s Gathering and Crafting team will be the folks who spearhead our efforts for all crafting projects. You are dedicated and don’t mind the gathering and crafting life, relatively unexciting compared to the thrills of the end game. The perks include free gathering and crafting gear upgrades (with some help with gathered materials), priority for overmelding requests, and inclusion in the raffle system for exclusive mounts and minions that come with the airship and submersible voyages.

Let the Savagery Begin


He’s got killer jokes, I hear. 

Soon, our one-week deadline for exploring normal content will be up, and our adventures into Savage begin. Savage content was cleared on Patch day around the world, so our journey begins in the wake of the extremely dedicated clearing a path for our attempts. Start researching what you can!

Finally our FC Nights will return back to the hands of the community as our new Community Officer, Sourly/Ely Sour/Sour Please charts fun activities for us, such as map nights (which have new materials for new glamours!), bird/pony farms, and clearing current content for those who have yet to do so.

Thanks for tuning into our update, everyone! Give a special shout to Natsu and Kibetha, our newest members to the community. Stay awesome, SURGE, and let’s reach our goals!


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