The Pain Train’s Off the Tracks!

On Monday, February 12th, amid much smack-talk and lewdness outside the FC House, SURGE delivered a just-by-the-tip killing blow to the Phantom Train Savage encounter before the enrage timer.

While there’s room for improvement, SURGE celebrates the victory with two pieces of loot, one healer item and one tank item, and the first acquisition of our Savage Datalogs.


After the kill, members of Team Choco joined in to see the fight and to get some experience to bring to the table for their efforts. They were able to see the entire fight and can bring the pain on Saturday! They also have Byakko EX on farm and were able to get their members their weapons for that extra edge.

Next up: time to paint some colors of the wind, SURGE. Chadarnook calls to the artists within us to paint the picture of a new fight, fresh loot, much glory sans Arch’s assless chaps and with Dubl’s Xs and Os football strategies.

I can already smell the toast.


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