Listen Up, Glitches: Tips and Tricks for Your Housing Ventures


The houses still available close to some SURGE members in the Lavender Beds. Talk to us for more info on Housing and to check out these plots if you want a residence close to us!

So you got a house recently with the addition of new wards and the lifting of personal home buyer restrictions. Time to get to decorating!

For the next few articles, we’ll be covering special housing glitches you can utilize in your own home to take your design to the next level. You’ll have more freedom on arranging your space and bringing in the light to truly make your own slice of Eorzean heaven.

Today’s tips and tricks will cover a glitch that’s often asked about on various the various FFXIV subreddits and on the SE forums: placing the imitation windows on partitions.

But first, here are some handy links for you to bookmark. These resources will be of immense help to you as you figure out what you want to feature in your home.

  1. FFXIV Housing is the foremost best website to see actual in-game models for most of the game’s furnishings. You can sort by type of furnishing, see which ones can be dyed, and see what materials it requires to make. Let this be the first website you visit.
  2. Housing Snap is a Japanese website where the die-hard interior design artists come out to play. From a room featuring a Bento Box to a church, you can find many different designs to help inspire your own designs for your new living space. If you let your browser translate, you’ll find the items each design used the most underneath the picture gallery.
  3. Crafting as a Service will be immensely helpful to you if you’re capable of crafting or gathering materials for furnishings. After you select your desired furnishings from FFXIV Housing, head to Crafting as a Service, click Recipe Book, and start looking up the furnishings you found and add them to your crafting list. Once you’re done, you can click the Crafting List in the upper right hand corner of the website to see what it will take to craft your new furniture.

It’s also important to note that the Estate Manservant/Hokonin permits, acquired from the Independent Suttler NPCs in the Housing Wards, sell a copious amount of furniture themselves, including White Partitions, the new Open Partitions, and many standard items, such as chairs, couches, desks, and beds. While you’re picking up one of these NPCs, go ahead and grab yourself NPCs you think you’ll need– a Mender, for repairing gear, a Material Supplier for crafting basics, a Materia Melder, and a Junkmonger for buying dyes, some gardening materials, and catalysts for repairing your gear on the fly if you’re a crafter.

With those basics covered, let’s get glitchin’.

Placing an Imitation Oblong Window on a Partition


But housing interiors often have random posts jutting from the walls and can present difficulties harmonizing with the other windows. A sought-after solution is to place partition walls over the default walls in the house with the Imitation Oblong Windows to create a new look that offers a flat space for more flexibility.

Step One

Your first step is to place the window onto an existing wall in your home. As you can see in the image above, the Imitation Oblong Windows offer much better natural lighting options than the standard windows that come with your home (the Shirogane Castle Wall window is in front of the window on the right).

Each housing ward offers its own unique interior to houses that can act as a guideline for you on placing your windows. In the image above, you can see the Lavender Beds’ dark wood baseboards design (underneath the Imitation Windows). It’s a good rule of thumb to place single or double-stacked windows just above these designs to give you room to place furniture in front of them without blocking a chunk of the window. By contrast, you can place the Imitation Window as far down the wall as it will go, placing above window on top of it to create full-length windows.


Step Two

Your next step is to take out your Partition, whichever type it is, and move it as close to your windows against to the wall as possible. For Blank Partitions, it’s a lot more finnicky, so turn off the Grid Snap button and manually edge it as a close as you can.

As for lining up your Partition, you’ll need to figure out how you want your windows spaced. If you want your windows close together horizontally, you can fit two windows side-by-side on the Partitions with some of the window sticking out of the Partition’s edge, but you can easily use another partition beside it to finish out the look. The windows will still be attached to the first partition.


Step Three

Your final step is to simply exit to the initial Housing Menu, pictured above. Your Windows will snap to your Partition in the manner in which you placed them on the house’s walls. In this image, I placed two windows on top of one another to create a longer, fuller windowed look.


After adding some Wall Planters, here is the final look!

I hope this helps you in your interior design pursuits. Share pictures on Discord of your creations!

Our next article will cover how to float wall-mounted and table-top furnishings, so don’t miss it!

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