Eureka! Great Scott! A New Patch and New Discoveries!


Eureka! It’s here!

Patch 4.25 brought us a new, expansive area to explore similar in style to the Diadem, but with key differences that we’ll go over a little later.

For now, it’s the current thought that Eureka’s way of upgrading your level 70 Job relic gear is the precursor to starting this expansions Relic/Anima weapon grind.


Once you acquire enough Protean Crystals, the Eureka “currency” of sorts, you can upgrade your Antiquated weapon and receive your un-Antiquated weapon with a new glow effect pictured above. Sorry, only male models are shown!


Why male models?

So you want that fancy weapon glow and your relic armor to get upgraded to ilvl 350 with five guaranteed materia slots, right? How do you get started?

There’s a quest that starts with Galiena in Rhalgr’s Reach over by the Collectable Vendors on the left side of the map. After introducing a new character and seeing what’s up with Eureka and why familiar NPCs are so interested in it, you unlock the ability to queue into Eureka by yourself or with others.

Here are some rapid-fire facts about Eureka that highlight some of the key differences from its spiritual predecessor, the Diadem.

  • While you queue to enter Eureka, you can use all party functions, like joining or creating a new party inside of the pseudo-instance.
  • There is no item level requirement to enter. Instead, any gear you have above item level 300 gets synced down to 300.
  • You can switch between level 70 Jobs within Port Surgate.
  • While the max party size is 8 players, you can form an alliance with multiple parties for a maximum of 24 players running content.
  • You “level” inside of Eureka.
  • You do not have access to your mount right away.


Let’s look at how it’s similar to Palace of the Dead, or loosely similar, by examining the leveling system inside of Eureka


But.. Why male models?

Leveling in Eureka is tied to the elements and a new system called Magia Board.


The Magia Board as it appears in game.


While leveling in Eureka requires you to grind monsters, those monsters are attuned to specific elements. The Magia Board allows you to attune to those elements to give yourself an edge over monsters for efficient killing and leveling. Using magicite and the Magia Melder in Port Surgate, you can enhance your elements and “spin” your board to better fit the area you’re leveling in. Spinning your board requires magicite, however, so spending your magicite on either spinning your board or enhancing your elements will be an important choice. Magicite is gained upon progressing through the Eureka story, though, so opportunities are there to give you the freedom to spend magicite as your needs dictate.


These are the elemental triads, the key to help you figure out which element is necessary to defeat your monster’s element.


Like leveling your regular classes, EXP Chains play a part for leveling your elements. Chains max at 30 and the window to pull and kill a monster gets shorter the longer your chain becomes.

There are also special enemies called Notorious Monsters, a throwback to FFXI. Killing these enemies grants you a large amount of elemental exp and lockbox rewards, which are treasure boxes that grant you random items, like furniture, gear, and mounts (flying T-Rex, anyone?).

Eureka map

Map here! Thanks Barry for the share!


Yes, but… Why male models?

For now, Eureka is going to be an exciting place to farm and find treasure and will serve as the launch pad for the Stormblood Relic Weapon grind. While there are different opinions on the quality of this content release, I encourage everyone in SURGE to check it out for themselves and enjoy a break from the standard gear grind and opt for a more casual grind. Though the gear rewards aren’t cutting edge, it will be the only way to get your relic armor “leveled up” for dyeing and true-end game glam purposes.

We’ll be adding Eureka to our FC Night roster of things to do starting on release night, so be sure to join in and have some laid-back fun with friends. Then vote on your preferred activity for future FC Nights by hollering at Sour Please!

Glamour Level: Magnum.








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