Come Get Your Moonlight Special! Patch 4.3 Website is Here!


While the website is a bit bare-bones at the moment, we know that it will update the story unfolding on the Doma side of things. Yotsuyu’s portrait is featured prominently in the patch promotional image, as well as Lord Hien, Gosetsu, Yugiri, and Asahi, who was introduced last patch as Yotsuyu’s half-brother and revealed himself to be a rather die-hard Zenos fanboy.

The other tidbit on the website is the name of the new dungeon– The Swallow’s Compass– and an image of the dungeon’s presumable entrance in Yanxia.

While we’ve received news on other changes and content to come, SURGE continues its trend of Progression nights and FC Nights.

We want to give a big shout-out to those on Team Choco/Dubl’s Team for building one another up into spectacular shit-posting raiders. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy your time on the team and accomplish the goals you set forth together.

FC Nights are going well, but as the time between the patches and new content grows, it’s important to try and keep with FC activities for the benefit of our members. Patch “lulls”– when there’s the feeling of “there’s nothing to do!”– are common to MMORPGs, so it’s imperative we do what we can to maintain our activity with one another. Even if it’s not in Final Fantasy, the SURGE community encourages and welcomes everyone part of it to engage others on other formats– whether it be playing Overwatch with Erika Shimada, conquering the unknown world with Charis Zelpher and Bee on Civ 6, joining the speed run community with Ely Sour, weebing out with Nightowl, or sailing the seas with Pirate Sadi, there’s plenty around to keep us entertained.

Additionally, keep a weather eye on an announcement from Ely Sour regarding a community event day, so be sure to vote on the activity in this poll.

Thanks for tuning in folks! I know it’s been a while since last we posted; due to some personal issues, I haven’t been as active. But as time moves, so do we– on to new adventures!

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