Patch 4.3: Live Letter Reveals and New Details!

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Freshly minted with a release date of 11 days from now, Patch 4.3 offers new content, class changes, and quality of life updates along with the final segment of the Doman side of the Main Story Quest. This patch story quest line will conclude the Doman stories and may offer redemption for the hotly polarizing character Yotsuyu, a woman with a troubled past and a searing hatred for those who wronged her.

And now, check out the patch trailer below!

Warning: This video contains story spoilers for previous patches. If you haven’t progressed through the 4.0 storyline, avoid the trailer!


The trailer offers a number of juicy tidbits to go through, but for the sake of this article’s length, take discussion to the FFXIV Discord chat on our server! What will become of the Warrior of Light’s Doman allies? How will this story conclude and what will it cost the Warrior of Light and their allies?

We’ll find out soon enough! But for now, let’s take a look at the changes and content arriving with Patch 4.3: Under the Moonlight! (After a 24-hour maintenance period!)

Content Additions

  • New Main Scenario Quests
  • New Side Story Quests: Hildebrand and The Four Lords
  • New Beast Tribe Quests: The Namazu
  • New Instanced Dungeon: The Swallow’s Compass
  • New Trial: Normal and Extreme– the name is supposed to be a spoiler, so we won’t know what it is until release day.
  • New Alliance Raid: Return to Ivalice– The Ridorana Lighthouse
  • New Custom Deliveries Client: Kurenai in Sui-no-Sato
  • Doman Reconstruction: A new style of “quest” that involves getting down and dirty with Doman economics.

Future Content Additions:

  • New Deep Dungeon, Heaven-on-High: Patch 4.35
  • Next Eureka area Pagos: Patch 4.36
  • Ultimate Ultima Weapon: Patch 4.31



I almost want one of these.

Skipping possible details about the MSQ and Side Story quests in lieu of avoiding spoilers, we’ll jump to the next set of Beast Tribe Quests with the Namazu, those annoying-yet-cute-as-a-plush bipedal catfish creatures. But first, a word on Future Content–

While the Live Letters 43 and 44 explored the new content coming in later patches, this article will focus solely on the game aspects that will be accessible on patch day. We’ll be examining each of the new content additions– Ultimate Ultima, Eureka– Pagos, and Heaven-on-High– with separate articles, along with other content included in their respective patches. 

With a new aetheryte in the Azim Steppe, the Namazu desire to create a Far Eastern-themed festival and are enlisting the help of others in order to make this new festival successful.



And, as per the usual trend, with a new Beast Tribe comes a new mount…


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…Which is a little ridiculous. Flying, uniformed-Namazu hanging onto a palanquin. And, based on translator notes, getting several of these together will be very noisy?

As this is an odd-numbered patch, we’ll only gain one additional dungeon: The Swallow’s Compass, a Doman-themed dungeon located in Yanxia.


From Live Letter 43, Yoshi-P commented that this dungeon was very well done and the background music is also very good. Turn up that BGM volume when you’re in here to listen to the new track!


Similar to The Temple of the Fist and Bardam’s Mettle dungeons, The Swallow’s Compass will be an outdoor adventure. The story surrounding this dungeon is a little on the hush side, but Astrologians who read their quest text during the Geomancer line in Stormblood may know a bit more!

We don’t know much at all about the next Trial, which will feature Normal and Extreme modes right off the bat, just like Byakko. The very name of this trial is said to be a spoiler for the next sequence of events in the MSQ. We’ll have to wait and see what this new trial will entail and what it will offer (there’s a high chance that it will drop mid-tier weapons, maybe around item level 365).

The next series in the Alliance Raid Return to Ivalice arrives, along with the controversial All Greed system, and is titled “The Ridorana Lighthouse.”


Although it’s not been expanded upon since Live Letter 43, the new section of the Alliance Raid of Stormblood is said to have a crafter and gatherer-centered side story. We’ll have to see if this side story will make it to release or not, so stay tuned.


The first boss of the instance. Look familiar?

With Live Letter 44, Yoshi-P brought on Yasumi Matsuno, the main director of Return to Ivalice, and expanded on the alliance raid scenario’s creation.

  • Return to Ivalice is meant to be a re-imagined FFT story. After being presented with the option to either base a story off of FFT, FFXII, or an original idea, Yasumi opted for a new take on a FFT-themed story because of the 25 year anniversary of the series.
  • The Development Concept model followed three important directives: the story must fit in the current FFXIV world, the story must be compact enough to fit in three chapters, and players who aren’t familiar with FFT, FFXII, or Ivalice should still enjoy themselves.
  • Quite a few people on Yasumi’s team were also part of the FFT/FFXII team, giving the team a good resource of knowledge and continuity.
  • The text box dialogues that pop up from Ramza and the other NPCs on the Prima Vista were personally written by Yasumi.
  • Ramza and Alma are indeed supposed to be Garleans without any sort of inner-dimensional travel involved in order to make them from the Tactics world. They are FFXIV-native versions of those characters.
  • They want to try and include SRPG gimmicks from FFT into FFXIV by using a grid format that incorporates the turn-based, select-and-attack model. So perhaps the final Alliance Raid will feature an encounter based on this model?

As we venture forth into the second chapter of the Return to Ivalice story, take time to read the story, the characters, and the aesthetics therein.


Lookin’ at you, Snes and Arch.

Though these may be more difficult to acquire now, here are some gear sets to look forward to!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As you’ve undoubtedly heard by now, the next Custom Deliveries client is Kurenai the Ruby Princess of Sui-no-Sato, the underwater world of the Raen Au Ra faction. There will be an additional gimmick to her custom deliveries in that at higher Favor/reputation levels, you’ll be able to dress her in different styles. This is purely for crafters and gatherers.

Finally, a new side story quest revolves around the reconstruction of the Doman Enclave, the new area introduced with the previous patch (and Lord Hien’s crib). Titled the Doman Reconstruction, this will be a new, economical approach for players to take to help rebuild an area of the game. Players will be assisting the Shazenkai organization to buy and sell goods with the goal of restoring this trading hub to its former glory.

The special website for Patch 4.3: Under the Moonlight has screenshots of these two features, so check it out to get a glimpse of what is in store.


Job Changes and Adjustments


Are you ready for it?

Thanks to translators and the subreddit megathread for Live Letter 44, we know the following classes are receiving adjustments:

  • Dark Knight: Receiving 8 changes in total, mostly potency increases.
    • Plunge will be buffed for DRK.
    • Plunge will have a shorter animation.
  • Samurai: Mostly plain potency increases.
    • 5 actions will be buffed.
    • Enmity suppression added.
  • Monk: “Aligned with Samurai buffs,” so perhaps similar treatment.
    • Enmity reduction skill added, but sacrifices some firepower.
  • Ninja: Nothing definitive here. Maybe something regarding their use in Deep Dungeons?
  • Black Mage: Nothing for damage, mostly usability on their teleport capabilities.
    • Increased animation speed for Between the Lines and Aetherial Manipulation
    • Idea is to encourage Black Mages to use teleports over slide casting.
  • Astrologian: All the cast speed.
    • Lightspeed’s MP reduction effect will be doubled, but the reduction in damage spell potency effect will be removed.
    • Aspected Helios will be buffed.
    • Damage spell cast time reduced.
  • Scholar: “Usability adjustments.” Thought to be centered on their pets.

Unfortunately, for exact numbers and the theorycrafting that comes with them, we’ll have to wait for patch day. Live Letters are doing away with getting down and dirty with numbers and specific tweaks to the classes and their abilities and will, instead, leave those for the Patch Notes.

Other Content Additions

What’s left is considered the “fluff” or, in some cases, the heart and soul of FFXIV– new housing items, glamour updates, Performance updates, quality of life changes, and new gear. We’ll go over these additions and changes with an image slideshow and bullet points of key points.

Housing Items

Me right now.

Most of these items were derived from contest submissions, like the popular Carbuncle Claw Bathtub of Patch 4.2. Which items would you like to see in the FC House and/or your own personal estate?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All of the items above are coming with the patch, so hit me up for new crafts or to help gather the materials necessary to craft them. There will be money to be made!

But in addition to new items, we’re also getting a new housing feature: Guest Books!


  • Guest Books will be available indoors and outdoors.
  • You can write in your own Guest Book.
  • One entry per person per day.
  • You can make it private and not publish submissions until they are approved.
  • People can “Like” a message for 10 points. What do these points do though…?
  • There may be plans to integrate a novelization/poetic format for Guest Books for longer entries or entries designed to be a running story.

We’re also getting an increase in the number of Aquariums we can have! Apartments can have up to 6, Medium houses up to 8, and Large houses up to 10. Small houses were not specifically listed, though it stands to reason that they will have their cap increased to 6 as well.

As far as Glamour Updates goes, it’s going to be simple– you’ll be able to retrieve items in your glamour dresser, restoring them to their original form (except the crafter’s name if it was a crafted item), and you’ll be able to hold “a greater variety of gear,” as per the website. Perhaps, then, we’ll get more slots?

Performance Updates


  • You will be able to enable an option to expand the keyboard layout.
  • Notes that didn’t sound good are being fixed.
  • You can hold down the note key and the sound will keep playing, but fade away after a while.
  • New instruments: oboe, piccolo, clarinet, flute, and panflutes. Upcoming instruments: Grand Piano, Steel Guitar, pizzicato.

I’m still waiting for our SURGE Band.

Quality of Life Changes


  • A new UI in the System Config to change the colors in the game.
  • Force Boss Room Entry
    • For players who miss the lockout timer after a boss has been engaged.
    • Allows players to enter the boss fight with an on-screen acceptance prompt.
    • Does NOT allow players who Release after being defeated in battle. So do NOT hit release; wait for the rez.
  • Unique Markers for Pets on the Map
    • Pets/turrets will no longer have the same icon as players on the map. They will get their own icon that’s shaped like a triangle (players are still circles).


  • New Achievement Pop-Up Feature
    • Like the Quest HUD that pops up when you first log in to the game.
    • Will show achievements that you’re close to… achieving.
    • Will show achievements linked to the zone you’re in and will change as you zone to different areas.
  • Additional Savage Content Warnings
    • This pertains to when you queue for a Savage encounter that is beyond what you’ve completed for the week, which forfeits your weekly reward for the earlier encounters.
    • Example: Leader queues for O7s, but you haven’t done O5s or O6s. Additional dialogues will appear to confirm your intention to queue for O7s with the caveat that you skip the weekly rewards for O5s and O6s.
  • Prioritizing Party Member Displays
    • Eureka tests the limits for on-screen objects. Sometimes, party members would disappear.
    • This QOL update prioritizes your on-screen objects to always include your party members in heavily crowded areas.

New Gear

I honestly have no idea where this new gear will come from. Perhaps our new dungeon will offer up these sets? The gear sets below are derived from a contest winner’s submission.

Exception: Last image in the slideshow. What a cute ruffle dress! 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


How to Prepare for the New Patch

Here’s where I throw a bunch of suggestions on how you should prioritize your goals before the patch. I’ll break it down by play style (crafter, gatherer, battle classes), so look for the relevant subsections to get the condensed versions.

Battle Classes

  • Max out your Creation and Mendacity to their full caps.
  • Save all of your materia and items you trade in for materia– if you have any on the Marketboard, take them down and hold on to them.
    • You’ll need these to outfit any new gear upgrades or to sell.
    • Right now, materia is cheap. Buying up some of the popular red materia (Savage Aim, Savage Might, Heaven’s Eye) while it’s cheap is also not a bad idea.
  • If you haven’t started working on Eureka, now’s a good time to do it.
  • Stock up on Glamour Prisms by using Company Seals or getting them crafted.
  • Reorganize your bank and bag space for more storage in case you want to restore Glamour Dresser items to their equippable state.
  • Adjust your Glamour Plates to allow for new items to help you create new outfits.
  • Give thanks to Sadi your Queen.

Gathering Classes

  • Max out your red scrips and yellow scrips.
  • Save all of your materia and remove any that may be on the marketboard.
    • It’s highly plausible we’ll be getting new right-side upgrades from new crafter recipes, so you’ll need a healthy amount of Grade V materia to overmeld.
    • Try to buy materia now if your budget allows or grind red scrips to stock up. Each Grade V will cost 400 red scrips.
  • Gather timed-node items (Hingan Flax, Nightsteel Ore, etc…) in quantities as high as you want to farm up. It stands to reason that they may be used in not only the new housing items, but also maybe the upgraded right-side gear for gatherers and crafters.
  • Farm up Aethersands.
  • Give thanks to Sadi your Queen.

Crafting Classes

  • Max out your red scrips and yellow scrips.
  • Save all of your materia and remove any that may be on the marketboard.
    • It’s highly plausible we’ll be getting new right-side upgrades from new crafter recipes, so you’ll need a healthy amount of Grade V materia to overmeld.
    • Try to buy materia now if your budget allows or grind red scrips to stock up. Each Grade V will cost 400 red scrips.
  • Become really good friends with gathering buddies.
  • Expect a buying surge to occur in regards to refined materials (plant material to thread to cloth, logs to lumber, ore to ingots, etc…), new housing items, and any other crafted gear beyond what we have now (in case they release the right-side upgrades).
  • Give thanks to Sadi your Queen.

Thanks for tuning in folks! I hope everyone finds this helpful and informative about the new stuff to come. What’s your favorite addition with the Patch? What are you most looking forward to?


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