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I made this channel to have fun with the twitch community and have some laughs while growing the community that I am part of “Doctors Office Gaming” and “Olympus Gaming”.
So without further ado, lets get ready to RUMBLEEE!






My name is Bee and I really enjoy JRPGs! I tend to play through games casually, but I occasionally speedwalk through some games too!

I don’t have any rules for the stream. I expect you all to use some common decency towards other viewers and myself. I have a lot of really cool regulars who have interesting senses of humor, so I don’t mind too much. Just have fun. Also, I don’t mind getting tossed a few hints here and there, but please refrain from plot spoilers on blind play throughs!

Schedule: (Pacific Standard Time)

It’s rather sporadic at the moment because of work.


CreativeElyTwitch Profile
Creative Ely

Creative Ely

Greetings, everyone! I go by the username CreativeEly, but you can call me Ely if you would like! I’m here to enjoy watching your streams, speed-run various RPG games, and create a positive, engaging environment when I stream. I am in my mid 20’s, from Northern California, and am an engineer whenever I have time for that.





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