Surgical Tactics Rules

Surgical Tactics Rules and Policies

  1. Be respectful and display a healthy maturity level.  
  2. We are a drama-free Free Company. Please help us in encouraging a positive gaming environment.
  3. Keep in mind that we all have personal agendas and real-life obligations. “RL” comes first, always, for you and for everyone else.
  4. If you need help, speak up! We like to help when we can, but we need you to let us know. We are all approachable. 
  5. If you are a part of a progression team, please be there on time and follow their policies. Contact Arch Vision, Erika Shimada, and Ashelia Dubldrop for questions regarding those.
  6. If the leadership council issues a notice for disciplinary action regarding inappropriate or offensive behavior, that notice serves as your first and only strike. Continuing to act out in ways that makes others feel uncomfortable or not want to engage with FC events will likely result in a dismissal from the Free Company.
  7. FC nights are mandatory. Please try to always be there for our community so we can accomplish tough achievements, acquire fun loot, and gain riches. FC nights are two nights a week, so please try to make at least one per week. If you can’t be there, let us know!

All members are encouraged to contribute ideas or suggestions to us to help expand our view. We welcome constructive criticism, whether it be for a fight strategy or a tip for our operations, as we value the input of our members and the benefit different views offers our thought process. Regardless of whether or not a member suggestion is implemented, we value the contribution that would challenge our thinking and show us a member is involved.

Loot rules for FC Community Nights

  1. Priority for drops will be first and foremost for FC members.
  2. Gear wise, class must be at appropriate level– acquiring gear for classes that can’t use it is not encouraged, unless no one else needs the item.
  3. Make sure you update us on your preferred classes for running content so we can keep the roster current.
  4. Please discuss prior to runs if you’re looking for a specific gear piece.
  5. For Treasure Map nights: The map holder gains all of the loot. Everyone else will Greed or Pass on loot unless the holder does not need the drop.
  6. For Primal Farm mount drops: All those who need the mount rolls Need. Then cross your fingers!