Civilization 6

The Birth of an Empire


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI, released in 2016 and expecting its first expansion in February 2018, is a turn-based strategy game that supports single and multiplayer formats narrated by the sultry British tones of Sean Bean.

As the title suggests, players select a civilization from modern and classic history to progress through the eras of technology and cultural advancements. Each “civ” has its own special unit, building, and Leader ability pulled directly from the pages of history to best represent the civilization in the game.

In our community, games take place on Friday evenings from 10:30 PM EST to roughly 1:00 AM EST or beyond. Games usually take two nights to finish out before a new game launches. New players are welcome to join in on the fun, but a few single-player game sessions on your own is encouraged to get a feel for the experience and the mechanics.

So, fearless leader, settle your cities, send forth your traders, claim luxuries to enrich your people, and build an army worthy of Mord-…. I mean, worthy of conquering the world!

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